Our Services

“The People Practice focuses on people, real people - individuals, names not numbers..”

Whatever transition your company is planning or going through, we can provide a full range of human resource services on a short-term or project basis to help you build business success.  We specialise in providing advice to organisations considering mergers, acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, MBOs, IPOs or other internal or external organisational change.

Managing Director and Principal Consultant Chris Dunridge will personally lead a service which is tailored specifically to meet the exact needs of your company and your business through the provision of flexible and practical solutions.

We build our strong and successful client relationships on the basis that every company is different; we understand organisational culture and we deliver solutions with energy, enthusiasm and efficiency of which we are proud.

We are known for our pragmatism - we are people who can and do deliver. But most of all, we really enjoy doing what we do and we want our clients to enjoy working with us.

If you would like to find out more about how we could help your company, we offer a free initial consultation to find out what you are looking for and to discuss how we can help.

HR Consultancy

With extensive experience in the human resourcing profession we provide a wide range of services on a short-term or project basis to assist you attract, retain and motivate staff. Our project management skills will compliment an organisation’s HR department when specific tasks and larger business issues stretch internal resources. We can also provide a temporary resource where no internal HR function exists. Whatever your needs, we will work with your business to offer flexible and practical solutions, delivered with energy, enthusiasm and speed to provide results of which we are proud.

Business transactions

Mergers, acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures and IPOs that involve people bring their own challenges and opportunities and every business needs to maximise value as quickly as possible. The psychological contract between people and organisations should not be underestimated and The People Practice will support your transaction by using our unique blend of experience and skills combined with a custom-designed HR toolkit to help you quickly and effectively.  

We understand the needs of business in due diligence and project planning, the legal framework, the importance of understanding culture and communication and the real skills required to win hearts and minds at all levels. Working as part of the deal team or the business team we work quickly, to help you identify and mitigate risks enabling you to make the right commercial and individual decisions to deliver sound business strategies.

Organisational change and integration planning

If planning a business integration or internal reorganisation we can help you identify the right approach, deal with legal requirements and manage communications and consultation to ensure you retain key talent and make the ‘people wins’ that are critical to the success of your project.

Whether dealing with contractual issues, reward, organisational design, talent management or communication we understand the key issues and will work with you to deliver your key objectives.

Communicating change

Effective communication is critical to an organisation’s ability to attract and retain the right individuals by creating the right employer brand. Ensuring that business development plans are supported by employees at all levels is vital and great internal communications is critical to success. The People Practice firmly believes that people come first and we will work with you to deliver a communications strategy which will engage and inform your employees every step of the way and support your values and company culture.